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SkyDrop vario is a full featured combined GPS vario. By the way, with its 80g it is the lightest vario with display! SkyDrop is a middle class instrument, dedicated for wide range of pilots. Instead of long listing all the features, which would take many mouse scrolls, we can introduce several use cases. If interested, please find function list in Specification tab:

  • Once pilot is autonomous in basic skills (take off or landing), she/he is thirsty for air time. SkyDrop will gratefully help with this mission. It doesn't need to sit on cockpit of cocoon harness, or even worse - at old school leg mount. Instead of that, a riser mount puts instrument right in front of pilot's eyes, where she/he can easily read all what is needed.
  • We recommend riser mount also for advanced pilots, due to safety reasons. When using riser mount, pilot can operates device with brake in her/his hand.
  • However small and lightweight SkyDrop is, we found some space for complete set of motion sensors. Their fusion with the best available baro sensor creates high sensitive compass or instant vario reaction.
  • Competition pilot at the front of leading gaggle needs reliable backup. SkyDrop generates FAI1 class IGC tracklogs and has waypoint navigation with route length optimisation.
  • Tandem pilot has very limited space for instruments, but SkyDrop on passengers shoulder or helmet easily solves this situation.
  • Do you like hike&XC? SkyDrop with its 80 grams in combination with your mobile phone is all you need for these exciting adventures.
  • Leg mount is for camera, not for prehistoric instruments anymore! Riser mount is ideal for "always looking up" acro pilots, who also need some kind of instrument. SkyDrop can provide safety features like altitude alarms, or just G-force meter for fun. Maybe infinity tumble counter will come ;)

Physical parameters:

  • weight 86g
  • dimensions 98x57x19 mm
  • battery 2000 mAh, 25h fly time
  • memory 32 Gb


  • vario - analog/digital/average, acoustic signalization, graph history
  • instant vario response
  • flight logs - IGC/KML  accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions
  • GPS - ground speed, altitude, heading, glide ratio
  • wind speed and direction
  • altimeters - 5 adjustable altimeters (relative, absolute, GPS or QNH mode)
  • height above ground level (AGL), preloaded terrain data
  • competition waypoint navigation with route length optimization
  • airspace violation warning
  • fully customizable - multiple screens with configurable layouts and widgets
  • android connectivity - XCTrack, FlyMe, XCSoar, LK8000, TopHat, Sky Land Tracker, Paragliding Dashboard
  • iOS connectivity - FlySkyHy, SkyLogger, SkyLogger XXL
  • G-meter
  • weak lift detection (pre-thermal sound)
  • flight book, fly time, real time clock
  • auto take off and landing detection
  • UART output (for E-readers connection)

Every future feature will be available for free in software update, check current version here.

Package contains:

  • SkyDrop variometer
  • raiser holder with adhesive hooks&loops
  • protective hard shell pocket
  • micro USB cable
  • user guide
  • sticker

SkyDrop vario is small but powerful device offering wide range of functions. However we made it maximally intuitive, please read user manual and watch tutorial videos.

To display altitude above ground, you need to have terrain data loaded in your SkyDrop. We pre-load most flown areas during production. If you have an older device without pre-loaded terrain data, you can download this package here. If your area in not included, you can select and download terrain data and following how to guide. Red marked areas in map represent pre-loaded terrain dat.

SkyDrop vario has airspace violation warning functions. You can download airspace data here.

Web based online configurator is great support tool for SkyDrop, which has two main functions. The first, you can upgrade software in your vario and get new functions. The second, you can customize all settings options more comfortable way than directly on device. Even more, configurator allows you to set most advanced functions like custom acoustics, what is not accessible in vario menu.

If you decide to connect your SkyDrop with phone or tablet via Bluetooth, you can get very accurate barometric data in your flight computer app. We support XCTrack, XCSoar, FlyMe, LK8000, G_variometer and Paragliding Dashboard on Android devices. FlySkyHy, SkyLogger and SkyLoggerXXL are supported apps running on iOS. Please read user manual and watch tutorial videos if you want closer view to this topics.

If you find LCD screen of SkyDrop vario not working anymore or has some non-functional blocks (mostly whole rows), this is caused by mechanical damage of the screen. Even if there are no signs or cracks from outside, for sure there is broken part of LCD inside device. This damage can occur if too heavy force is applied to front side of vario. Please contact us via email to resolve this issue.

Very rarely pilots complain to non-functional GPS receiver. When vario was switched off for longer time or you traveled to another country, some time is needed to achieve 3D GPS fix. If vario still cannot catch it for more than 10 minutes, please go to menu>settings>GPS>status screen to see locked satellites. If there is 0/0 in upper right corner, vario has to be opened and repaired. Please contact us via email resolve this issue.

If you have issues with accelerometer or constant/crazy beeping it is possible that accelerometer is not properly calibrated. There are 2 possible solutions (We recommend the first option to get maximum from device): 1. Calibrate accelerometer, please follow instructions in the manual: Menu>settings>advanced>accelerometer or check out this instructional video. 2. Turn off motion sensors fusion with barometer: Uncheck Menu>Vario>Use accel checkbox

If there is something wrong with your SkyDrop, please leave us message at Please don't send us vario for repair without previous consultation, because in many cases we can fix it by email, so don't waste your money and time if not necessary. If you anyway want send us broken vario without previous consultation, mark package value to 10€ if you are outside of EU.

Broken LCD

In case you have broken LCD, we can repair it for 39€, here is link to purchase this service. In any case please write us to before you will send us vario for repair. We won't accept any requests without previous consultation. 

If you feel that you have some skill to DIY this repair, no problem, but obviously we cannot take guarantee for that. Here is video as example how to do LCD replacement. It is nothing dramatic, but you need some tools, like solder gun and also some skills with electronics. It is more less the same level like mobile phone LCD replacement. Easy for some people, but too difficult for the others. If you decide to do this job, we won't stop you, but please don't ask us to sell spare parts, as we cannot take responsibility for the third party products, particularly when we don't have 100% control of repair process. You can buy spare LCD and its backlight element here, this eshop ship world wide.

SkyDrop tutorial - 01 Getting started

Quick start video for the SkyDrop vario.

SkyDrop tutorial - 02 Firmware update

How to update firmware on your SkyDrop vario.

SkyDrop tutorial - 03.1 Bluetooth connection to XCTrack on Android

Tutorial how to setup bluetooth connection between SkyDrop and XCTrack

SkyDrop tutorial - 03.5 Bluetooth connection to FlySkyHy on iPhone

Tutorial how to setup bluetooth connection between SkyDrop and FlySkyHy

SkyDrop tutorial - 03.2 Bluetooth connection to XCSoar on Android

Tutorial how to setup bluetooth connection between SkyDrop and XCSoar

SkyDrop tutorial - 03.4 Bluetooth connection to FlyMe on Android

Tutorial how to setup bluetooth connection between SkyDrop and FlyMe

SkyDrop tutorial - 03.3 Bluetooth connection to LK8000 on Android

Tutorial how to setup bluetooth connection between SkyDrop and LK8000

SkyDrop tutorial - 03.6 Bluetooth connection to SkyLogger on iPhone

Tutorial how to setup bluetooth connection between SkyDrop and SkyLogger

SkyDrop vario improvement

We played with SkyDrop's source code and this is the result. Reaction of vario is now instant (can be disabled in settings). Firmware build 4240 brings better implementation of Kalman filter - fusion of barometer and motion sensors (IMU).

First ever paragliding flight in Trondheim harbor

Incredible launch and altitude gain in urban environment without any slope. Pilot Harald Wanvik proves that SkyDrop vario will take you up even at impossible places ;)

Rated 4.76 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 59 customer reviews
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Good device

I've used this device for a couple of ridge soaring flights. Small and powerful devices, well built and light. Does it's job well. if you fit the pilot description provided by the manufacturer, it's a great device. <br /> Later edit: Recently I've used it for thermaling and the assist is really helpful. I have one small grief regarding the manual, because it is quite brief and the user has to do a bit of menu exploration.

Problem s pripojenim na MacBook

Vyborne vyrio. Mam jen problem s pripojenim na MacBook. Po pripojeni kabelu na displeji varia naskoci USB MODE, ale v pocitaci se neobjevi zadny pridane zarizeni.... nevite co s tim? Jinak s variem se krasne lita :)

Vario je super, složité nahrání log souboru do XC Track

Jediné co mi vadí, že doma po létání musím nahrát přes počítač log soubory z vario do XContest. Během letu nechci mít zapnutý telefon, záznam letu nahrávám jen do varia.<br /> Proč to nejde přes bluetooth stáhnot a poslat let do aplikace XContest??<br /> <br /> Doplnění: <br /> Nebylo by možné vyvinout aplikaci na android pro jednoduché zautomatizované přihlášení letu pouze pomocí připojení přes bluetooth?

Reply from SkyBean:
Netreba použiť PC, stačí aj telefón + OTG adaptér. Mimochodom vypnutý telefón nie je dobrý nápad kvôli bezpečnosti - ak sa niečo stane, telefón môže iba pomôcť. Ak máš Android, apka XCtrack vie bežať aj na pozadí a vie aj blokovať notifikácie a iné otravné veci.

Don't like it

Hi price. Small display. If you forget glasses, kaput.

Reply from SkyBean:
Hi Gelo,<br /> all spec are here for years, I mean size, weigh, LCD size. Sorry, but physics doesn't allow to make big LCD on small and light vario. About price - there isn't higher functions/price ratio vario on the market. Please let me know if you found any. Cheers, Martin
Verified purchase

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