SkyBean ChaseCam

„ SkyBean followcam offers a unique perspective for both video and photography. The product itself is of very high quality and is engineered in such a way that results in exceptionally smooth footage. Once attached to the wing, the pilot can fly just as they normally would without any concern of the ChaseCam. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and I am stoked to continue using it! “

Tucker Gott
SkyDrop vario

„ Is a product that we should all have in our equipment, since it does not occupy much space and it does not require maintenance. Data that SkyDrop provides are very useful for everyone, whether you are a paragliding or paramotor pilot. I am a professional paramotor pilot and I use Skydrop GPS vario for climbing up to do my aerobatics, test flights for test prototype of propellers and to see how fast I am coming down in every maneuver. Thanks to SkyDrop I am able to train for do my aerobatics show - counting the exactly turns in every maneuver - that is what I need. “

Manuel Tejeiro Lopez
SkyDrop vario

„ I am professional paragliding pilot and Red Bull X-Alps competitor. I have been flying with an audio only vario for years but finally the SkyDrop is worth the weight, the readout means I don't have to waste batteries on my phone screen to check my vitals. It generates IGC track logs, it is well designed, simple, and easy to use, and I'm looking forward to the new features that are being implemented. “

Nick Neynes