Double battery kit


Double battery kit is accessories for SkyDrop vario. It will upgrade former standard SkyDrop to Double battery SkyDrop.

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Gain maximum flying hours with double battery kit for SkyDrop. Turn your vario into vol-biv machine for long adventures. Weight of SkyDrop with double battery is only 88g.

Despite it is quite easy to install double battery kit, some mechanical skills are needed to successfully do it. There is risk of device damage, if user will ignore process steps! Please check support tab to learn more about installation. If you have still some doubts after reading/watching tutorial, write us at to make everything clear. Kit contains double battery, enlarged rear cover, pair of screws and sticker.

Physical parameters:

  • Weight 48g (88g total with SkyDrop)
  • Dimensions 84x53 mm
  • Battery 2000 mAh (rechargeable)

2000 mAh battery is 174% of former standard 1150 mAh battery, so vario will work almost twice long. Here is list of average battery life dependent on enabled functions:

  • Vario only mode 26h
  • Altitude logger + audio (without GPS) 24h
  • Bluetooth + vario 20h
  • GPS logger + vario 18h
  • GPS logger + vario + Bluetooth 15h

Please read/watch tutorial for proper installation of double battery kit for SkyDrop vario. As we cannot guarantee individual technique of every single person, please note that potential damage of device is not covered by warranty. By purchasing this product, you agree with listed notes and you confirm understanding of them.

Please follow there steps:

  • Remove two screws from bottom side of vario using torx screwdriver and remove bottom cover. Remove also color rubber ring for better manipulation.
  • Unplug battery connector using nail, don't pull cable.
  • Battery is glued to main board (PCB) by very strong adhesive, so it cannot be pulled out, because it will (for sure!) destroy the SD card holder. Battery must be rotated around axis normal to PCB, what will produce shear stress to adhesive and PCB components, which will break adhesive, but not PCB.
  • Put the new battery same way and on same place, footprint has both batteries the same, only thickness is different. Correct placement is symmetric between two pillions for screws.
  • Connect the new battery to PCB pushing its connector to PCB.
  • Place rubber ring by raised collar facing to PCB.
  • Place new back cover, the first arrange USB connector into its hole, than clap the opposite side.
  • Put screws back or use new ones, if they are worn. Use torx tool for best results.

Watch video tutorial here.

Don't panic if you accidentally screw it up, just write us at and we can manage after warranty repair.

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Bad battery health

I shipped all my paragliding equipment from japan to Sri Lanka, which took three months. Afterward, when I tried to switch on my sky-drop it was not working. I purchased it just one month before I left Japan. Finally, I opened up the sky-drop and found that my double battery was swollen up. It was only two line connection which does not have a battery health controller. It is better if sky-bean can use a better battery.<br /> Then I changed the battery to a compatible phone battery and it is working fine. Check images attached

Reply from SkyBean:
Hello,<br /> <br /> sorry to hear about your issues. This should not happen - however it is hard to say if it was not under some extreme conditions when traveling for 3 months from Japan to Sri Lanka. Too hot or too cold temperatures, high pressure, overcharging, manufacturer defect or deep discharge can cause the problems.<br /> I see you were able to exchange the battery by yourself. What we can do for you, is to send you a spare double battery. If you are interested just write me to your shipping address.<br /> <br /> Take care
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Doppia batteria SkyBean

Prodotto ben progettato. Facile la sostituzione e l'installazione. Rapida la spedizione.

Verified purchase

Second time around

This is my second double battery kit, as the first one only lasted for two years... One of the cells in the first battery swelled so bad that it actually cracked the back casing. Pleased to see that a new slimmer mould is used for the casing so the difference is not so big between single and double battery. Easy to install and keeps the instrument working without charge well over a weekend of flying!

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