Gain maximum flying hours with double battery kit for SkyDrop. Turn your vario into powerful machine for long flight adventures. Weigh of SkyDrop with double battery is only 88g.

Kit contains: double battery and enlarged rear cover

Battery type: Li-Poly single cell 1800 mAh (USB rechargeable)

Battery life:

  • only audio mode 26h
  • audio + altitude logger, without GPS 24h
  • audio + bluetooth 20h
  • audio + GPS logger 18h
  • audio + GPS logger + bluetooth 15h

CAUTION - There is risk of devices damage. Read following notes.

  • Some mechanical skills are needed to install this product.
  • Watch video tutorial below.
  • If you are not completely agreed with procedure, don't start with it.
  • We can do installation instead of you, just write us.
  • Potential damage of device is not covered by warranty.
  • By purchasing this product, you agree with listed notes and you confirm understanding of them.

Rear cover is made by 3D print from special material resistant to sunlight and heat. Therefore its surface is not perfectly smooth but covered with thin lines.

How to exchange battery? Disassemble SkyDrop and remove battery by disconnecting the connector by nail, not by pulling the cable. Battery is glued to PCB by very strong adhesive, so it cannot be pulled out, because it will (for sure!) destroy the device. Instead of pulling, battery must be rotated around Z axis (normal to PCB). Connect double battery to PCB, than place battery into enlarged rear cover (same way as old battery) and put SkyDrop back together. 

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Double battery kit

  • 39.00€