Tail for ChaseXC


Assembled tail for Chase XC, for all DIY enthusiasts or just as a spare part if needed

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Perfect solution for all DIY enthusiasts, who want to design their own camera casing for our original ChaseXC tail. With little skill, determination and creativity you will be able to make holder for camera you wish to use in your flights. Don't forget to get also bungee rope.

Use this STEP model, if you want to design your own camera holder body.

Use this STL file, if you want just to 3D print simple model of base plate (picture).


STEP model of base plate for Chase XC. STEP model can edited to customize camera holder body.

Download (38.85k)


STL model of base plate for Chase XC. STL model can be directly printed on 3D printer.

Download (38.66k)


Printed simple model of base plate for Chase XC

Download (159.51k)

Physical parameters:

  • weight 60 g
  • dimensions 24x24x24 cm

Package contains:

  • assembled tail for Chase XC
  • nylon screw with end cap
  • cordura pocket
  • sticker

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