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How to choose correct Chase XC model? Learn here or write us to

- Large tail has higher drag, it is better for slower wings.

- For GoPro 9/10/11 and Max take large tail, standard one only for fast PPG or speed wings.

- Universal GoPro model has integrated GoPro mount.

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  • Large
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Our ChaseCam has grown into the next stage - Chase XC, the first truly foldable chasecam! Pros of our original product stay and cons are gone. There are no compromises anymore. Smart folding mechanism hidden inside full carbon body ensures enough drag during flight and compact size during transport.
redy to fly

Ready to Fly

It is always prepared to fly, just rotate the tail to unfold the wings. There is no assembly or balancing required, Chase XC comes ready to fly out of box.


An umbrella style folding system makes Chase XC very practical and easy to carry around. No more hassle or damage during transport.
camera protection

Camera Protection

Unlike other products on the market, our Chase XC gives you full protection for your beloved camera. Ready for harsh landings and impacts, shelters your camera from damage.


Flexible rope not only creates smoother footage, but also work as a security element in case when the Chase XC accidentally tangles into lines after massive collapse or during rough exit from the acrobatic figure. Bungee rope won’t affect glider’s geometry thanks to its flexibility. Tension fuse will break in case of getting stuck during proximity flying, but safely holds Chase XC in any possible speed (tested up to 200 kph).

Premium Material

Every part is made with extreme attention to detail. From the full carbon fiber reinforced camera body and folding mechanism driven by industrial grade nylon screw, up to wings made of ripstop honeycomb fabric, light as a feather, fitted on ultra light and durable carbon rods.

For Every Pilot

Versatile for any needs, from low flying PPG pilots, smooth recreational flyers, adrenaline-seeking content creators, up to Hike&Fly enthusiasts. Designed for pilots by pilots.

Physical parameters:

  • weight 150 g (without camera)
  • dimensions 30x24x24 cm unfolded
  • bungee rope length 6m

Package contains:

  • Chase XC with bungee rope
  • 2 tension fuse rings
  • transport pocket
  • sticker


- Universal flat platform version - Adhesive camera mount for UNI version is IS included

- Universal GoPro model has integrated GoPro mount 

How to choose correct Chase XC model? Learn here

Despite, Chase XC is ready to fly right out of package, there are several points to note for the best possible performance:

  • Set the correct bungee rope length for your glider.
  • Set super view angle on your camera, 1080p or 4k @ 50 FPS for recording.
  • Attach Chase XC to brake line loop in the middle of canopy.
  • Higher speed = more from glider in scene

Guide for changing the head.

Please read user manual or contact us for more details.


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How to use Chase XC

This video shows couple tip and hints how to use Chase XC follow cam.

Rated 4.90 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 21 customer reviews

Excellent flight accessory. Looking forward to try it out.

Today I received my Chase XC. My first was the ChaseCam first version and I loved. <br /> I hope to do great videos with my new Chase XC :D<br /> Thanks for your good job and great accessory.

Verified purchase

Awesome product

Images speak better than text:<br /> <br />

Verified purchase

Just buy one!

Received after fantastic professional help from the Skybean team. It's clear this is a quality product, worth every penny and fantastic for all my hike and fly adventures around the world!<br /> You have exceeded all of my expectations guys, Great job!<br /> <br /> Happy Flying - Global Flight Dan

Best quality out there

The ease of assembly and durability is what really sets this chase cam apart from others. All I have to do is put my camera in and twist. When it's not in its aerodynamic shape, I don't have to worry about bending it because it's fabric. It's much easier to transport from home to field or on an airplane to another country. Love it!

Love it

Wait for mine

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