Magnetic mount/fuse


Magnetic mount and tension fuse for Chase XC or any other chasecam

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Magnetic mount/tension fuse is an alternative solution how to attach chasecam to your glider. It offers more comfort than classic hook mount, particularly in rough conditions. It can be tricky to drive hook into tiny textile loop on trailing edge, when freezing wind is shaking with your glider and you have to make bad or worse decision - Do it, wearing gawky gloves or by frozen naked hands.


Magnetic mount will quick and safely connect chasecam to your glider, but it will release itself if force more than 20N (2kg) is applied. Chase XC produces drag at trim speed flight about 2N. Even if chasecam stuck for a while, flexible rope will absorb impact force, so tension is rising smoothly. If rising force in bungee rope cannot pull enough to make chasecam free from obstacle, magnetic release will disconnect chasecam, so your glider won't be affected by this little accident.


Before each use, make sure that magnetic mount works properly - several times connect and disconnect magnetic contact. If there are some particles caught up by magnets, remove them. Also make sure, that both magnetic parts are well sitting to each other, collar must fit into its grove on other part.

Weight - 20g

Release force - 20N/2kg

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Great way to add confidence

So easy to use without dealing with weak link rings. I can put it on my wing and then attach the camera at the last minute. Also an important safety feature.

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