SkyBean2 is sensitive and durable mini audio vario

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For baro-probe to XCtrack usecase - We recommend only high quality cables - you can now get one as bundle with vario

SkyBean2 learned and improved all good skills from its older brother SkyBean vario. This compact audio vario is durable and reliable flight assistant. Instead of breathtaking feature list, there are some practical use cases, where for sure you will find yourself:

  • Beginner pilot should focus her/his attention to basic pre-flight preparation, not to set up complex flight computer. Also during flight, she/he must concentrate to all those new feelings and not to study actual glide ratio on half bar.
  • Commercial tandem pilot doesn’t have space for large instruments, neither a need for obvious info in her/his well known playground.
  • SkyBean2 can quietly stay for years resting in harness pocket and with pleasure will do its job, when you will forget your main vario at home.
  • Everybody now has a smartphone. Those with Android can turn their phone to full featured flight computer when connecting SkyBean2 as a baro probe to XCTrack app. Suddenly, they don’t have to carry another heavy brick over the mountains.
  • Are you tired of super flashing technology all around which requires so much attention to keep it alive? Is flying just your pure natural relax? SkyBean2 can serve as a little undemanding assistant, which will work for hundreds hours without energy feeding.
  • Some pilots like to experiment and try to set every single variable in their world. However SkyBean2 is just a simple audio vario, it offers a plenty individual advanced settings, adjustable through friendly PC interface.

Physical parameters:

  • weight 23 g
  • dimensions 62x28x15 mm
  • battery CR2032, 150 hours


  • 3 pre-set audio profiles
  • world's best barometric sensor MS5611
  • USB interface for PC and Android connection
  • baro data forwarding to Android app XCTrack via OTG cabel
  • easy to use PC app, click here
  • configurable audio volume and sink/lift threshold

Package contains:

  • SkyBean2 variometer with strap
  • adhesive 3M™ Dual Lock™ Mount
  • micro USB cable
  • user guide
  • sticker

SkyBean2 is very simple to use, please check this user manual. There are several useful notes:

  • Vario doesn't create IGC tracklogs, because no GPS receiver is onboard. Therefore vario's battery lasts more than 150 fly hours.
  • You can set audio volume, lift and sink thresholds or choose one of three pre-set audio profiles simply by one button. However lift and sink threshold level values are defined, you can change them via simple PC configurator as well as your own acoustics.
  • We recommend to mount vario on helmet close to ear pad. Put it on the opposite side of helmet, than you use to turn during takeoff, e.g. mount it next to the left ear pad of helmet, if your turning side during reverse takeoff is right.
  • You can connect SkyBean2 to XCTrack app running on Android device. You will need USB OTG cable or adapter for vario connection. Choose USB sensor in Preferences>Connection & Sensors > External sensor menu. Set "Baud rate for FTDI devices" to 115200. There is "Calibrate" button, where you can see data flow, if vario is connected and turned on. Put smoothing to 1.0 (vario are is already filtered, so you don't need to filter it again). We support XCTrack app only, because other platforms don't have required HW or SW components.
  • If you in any case need to re-flash firmware in vario, or you accidentally killed your SkyBean2 during update, use this support guide to solve these issues.

If you didn't find here a solution of your problem, please write us to Please don't send us the device back without previous consultation.

SkyBean2 mini vario + XCTrack app flight computer

SkyBean varios chorus

Rated 4.62 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 24 customer reviews

PC connection doesn't work

I've just received the new skybean 2.<br /> I've been trying to connect it to my mac, unfortunately, it never responds.<br /> I've tried plugin in/out, turning on/off, several times.. but the app always remain in first screen.<br /> <br /> Also it looks like vario volume cannot be switched off, this should be a good improvement.

Reply from SkyBean s.r.o.:
SkyBean 2 is mini audio vario, that means its primary function is the beeping signalization of sink/lift. This is why we didn´t include function to turn the volume completely off. Possibility to connect to XCTrack is extra feature.<br /> What you can do is set the volume to minimum, the sound is then very faint. Plus you can tape the buzzer in the back, so the sound is even more suppressed.<br /> If you are not able to connect to your PC, please try different cable and make sure that you stick the cable as deep as possible to be sure there is no loose contact between the cable and the connector.

Excellent product, simple accurate and effective!

Verified purchase

Does just what it is supposed to

The SkyBean2 is a simply, light, effective and affordable audio variometer. I bought 2 (one for a hang gliding friend) they both arrived and do their job well.

Verified purchase

The perfect backup device!

The single button design is perfect to switch it on while you're in air... and the primary vario decide to sleep!<br /> Great companion with xctrack! Only a suggestion about this scenario, add a "mute" setting. ;)

Best budget vario

After using it for around 7 - 10 hours in the air I can for safe say it works and I thought it would, It got good responses and has an app feature that is useful for its need, For me, I picked one up at my local club and I think it can easily be found at your local paraglide club as well. However it has been going crazy when I have used it next to my walkie-talkie, maybe it was the wind or the radio I don't know. Good budget vario recommend buying for beginners.

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