Device repair


Non warranty service for SkyBean products.

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This virtual product act as service, if your gear needs a non warranty repair.

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Very, very pleased!

Dropped my Skydrop (!) on a hard floor resulting in the screen becoming damaged. Everything else worked, and I even took it for a flight where it beeped happily and logged everything as it should. A quick mail to SkyBean who told me to send it in, and a few days later it was on its way back to me. This is my only complaint... DHL took nearly a month to get the package to me... Well, not SkyBean's fault, and the Skydrop is working again!

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Bolo to rýchlejšie než som čakal :) Ďakujem

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GPS Problems

Funktioniert wieder alles bestens.....<br /> Es wäre noch schön eine Rückmeldung, was kaputt war.<br />