Device repair


Non warranty service for SkyBean products.

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This virtual product act as service, if your gear needs a non warranty repair.

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Device repair

Even in the height of the summer flying season they were quick to repair my device and the return shipping was super fast to the US which I wasn’t expecting. Thank you and safe launches and landings.

SkyDrop repair

The repair was done perfectly. Excellent communication with the SkyBean staff

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WOW, nice job

I have two sky drops that got damaged soon after I bought them. One got dropped and chewed by a dog. (Thanks to the dog for finding it.) The second was damaged with an object hit the screen. Both were unusable and that is a chunk of money.<br /> <br /> Let me start with saying that I had a hard time getting in contact with the support team and it turned out to be an email issue on my side so I cannot fault them. (FYI, I did a review of 1 star and this review is an amendment to it.) Later we were able to start communications and Denisa was very patient with me. I have never had to send a package internationally and it is not easy.<br /> <br /> But Denisa reached out to me and she gave me very specific instructions to walk me through the process. THANK YOU Denisa.<br /> <br /> I just received both Sky Drop Varios and they look great. I was a little concerned about this because the whole experience was new to me, but they really came through. I now have two working varios and I would not hesitate to buy from them again as I know I can depend on their repair services.

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Very good repair service

My vario had some problems so I sent it. The repair service fixed it so quickly that it was back home only few weeks later.<br /> Thank you !

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Good value, nice repair

The price and repair are nice, but the shipping method is flawed: DHL wanted me to pay taxes..... within the EU!