Download English manual for SkyDrop vario: SkyDrop manual EN 

Download German manual for SkyDrop vario: SkyDrop manual DE 

Download Slovak manual for SkyDrop vario: SkyDrop manual SK 

Download French manual for SkyDrop vario: SkyDrop manual FR 

Download Italian manual for SkyDrop vario: SkyDrop manual IT

Download English manual for SkyBean ChaseCam: ChaseCam manual EN 

Download Spanish manual for SkyBean ChaseCam: ChaseCam manual ES

Download Italian manual for SkyBean ChaseCam: ChaseCam manual IT

Download English manual for Universal ChaseCam: Universal ChaseCam manual EN 

Download manual for SkyBean vario and SkyBean 2 vario: SkyBean manual

Download SkyBean audio configurator: SkyBean configurator

SkyBean 2 vario PC applications and updates can be found here.

There are many video tutorials on YouTube, please see our YouTube channel

Do you have a question? Find answer at our FAQ page 

SkyDrop support

How to update SkyDrop (firmware 1666 or newer)

  1. Please use SkyDrop configurator and follow its instructions.
  2. Eject the device in the operating system (or just unplug the cable) and confirm update on SkyDrop.
  3. SkyDrop LED will light yellow, when the update is applied.

WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE: How to update SkyDrop and keep current settings

For height above ground level update terrain data into SkyDrop vario TERRAIN DATA.

Alternatively you can find the updates in our GitHub account.

If you have older firmware than 1666, please contact us.

Please take a look at FAQ to solve common issues. To report a bug or ask for a function, please visit our github and create new issue or write us an email to

How to upgrade SkyDrop vario by double battery kit

Please watch carefully video before adding double battery to your SkyDrop. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE: How to upgrade SkyDrop vario by double battery kit

How to restore the device

Please contact us via email if there is a problem during or after updating, we will guide you through.

SkyBean 1 support

How to install and use SkyBean configurator

  1. Install Chrome application: download here
  2. Open the application, select "Update SkyBean firmware" at home screen.
  3. Select "skybean_beta2.ebin" and then press "Upload to SkyBean".
  4. Use screwdriver to remove SkyBean aluminum cover down.
  5. Connect USB programmer with SkyBean and turn vario on.
  6. Application windows will guide you trough.
  7. Enjoy vario setting and creating audio profiles.
If your computer do not recognize USB programmer, please download and install these drivers for Windows: