SkyBean Universal ChaseCam is an original product that will allow you to capture an amazing video of your flight. Re-live your adventure from a perspective of an eagle following you throughout the entire flight. The ChaseCam allows  you to share your flying experience with friends and loved ones.

This is improved version, where we changed former construction of this model. Main modifications:

  • More compact size - ChaseCam has now shorter wings.
  • Adjustable bungee rope - now you can easily and quickly adjust bungee rope length without loops or knots.
  • Tension fuse - new feature of ChaseCam. Recommended for pilots who loves zero proximity flying.

In this video tutorial we will show you how to attach and balance universal SkyBean ChaseCam.

camera holder

ChaseCam heads are produced with the newest available technology of 3D printing. IMPORTANT: prints are sensitive to heat and long-term pressure. Do not leave ChaseCam in hot/sunny places for long time. Product cannot be exposed to long-term pressure therefore bungee rope cannot be wrapped around ChaseCam too tightly.


SkyBean ChaseCam weight is only 170 grams. In normal flight (approx. 40km/h), it produces about 1.5N brake force, enough to fly a safe distance from the lines.  

SkyBean ChaseCam is connected to the canopy with bungee rope, stretched only 13% during normal flight, what brings extra safety in case it is accidentally tangled up in the lines. Please read user guide on our support page.


SkyBean ChaseCam will capture many amazing adventures. To achieve the best possible stability and quality of a video, please follow all the instructions in video below or/and in the user guide at our support page.  

how to assemble

You will receive disassembled SkyBean ChaseCam. Assembly takes about 30 minutes. To achieve the best possible stability and quality of a video, please follow all the instructions in video below or/and in the user guide at our support page.  

SkyBean ChaseCam was developed especially with a focus on safety. During normal flight, ChaseCam flies behind far enough with no adverse effect on the glider or flight speed. We know, as active pilots, what can happen in the air and because of that, we also tested SkyBean ChaseCam in non standart flight situations. 

When you activate your speed system or when you turn a spiral, increased speed will produce more brake force and the bungee rope will be stretched more, therefore ChaseCam will go further away from the glider, and  then the photo image takes in the entire canopy and pilot. There is some possibility that  ChaseCam will tangle if incorrectly exiting from a spiral, like during a big wing-over. You can see a little kick in what is captured when you enter or leave a strong thermal, but don't worry, safety level is high. Small wing-overs will bring ChaseCam closer to the lines with nice video effect. Really big wingovers can tangle ChaseCam into the lines, but with no safety concern; the photo image will temporarily face elsewhere. During asymmetrical collapse, dynamic or held, the glider is still moving forward, so ChaseCam still produces braking force, so this maneuver won't tangle the ChaseCam. A dynamic frontal stall is usually recovered very quickly with some altitude lost, which will ensure no adverse effect on the ChaseCam's position from the glider. During a B-stall, the glider will lose its forward speed, and therefore ChaseCam can be tangled in the lines, particularly if you pull it dynamically.

  • Universal platform
  • Velcro system 3M Dual Lock 
  • Bungee rope with clip for canopy connection
  • Set of wings (ChaseCam body)
  • Laces (ChaseCam body)
  • Velcro (for harness launch)

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Universal ChaseCam

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