SkyDrop technical issues


What kind of battery SkyDrop use?

SkyDrop is powered by single 900 mAh Li-Ion cell. Battery life is:

  • audio mode only 13h
  • audio + altitude logger, without GPS 12h
  • audio + bluetooth 10h
  • audio + GPS logger 9h
  • audio + GPS logger + bluetooth 7.5h

 How can I recharge SkyDrop battery,update firmware or download tracklogs?

All of these tasks are done viamicro USB port located at the back of the device.

What mobile apps can I use with SkyDrop?

For android we recommend XCTrack or XCSoar. For iPhone there is FlySkyHy (do not forget to update SkyDrop and  get the latest version of the app). 


What Bluetooth protocol do I need to chose for FlySkyHy app?

Bluetooth protocol for FlySkyHy is LK8XE1.

How do I turn on/off Bluetooth, GPSand other hardware blocks?

You can switch it on/off in settingsmenu. SkyDrop has its own user interface (LCD, buttons). You can change allparameters directly.


I cannot hear any acousticsignalization from the vario, even if display shows rising or falling whenmoving up or down. Is something wrong with device?

SkyDrop starts in silent mode withauto take off detection (default threshold ±4m).  Audio will start working when initialaltitude will change out of threshold range. You can turn on/off autostart insettings. (You can simulate take off, if you quickly suck or blow to the buzzergrid in upper right corner).


Is it possible to show GPS-altitudein meters and ground speed in km/h on the display?

Yes, it is.


Does the recording of tracklogsstarts/stops automatically?

Yes, it does. Recording will startonce start threshold will be reached. It will end when land threshold altitudein doesn’t change during timeout (setting in autostart/land menu)


How can I add new feature/update?

Connect SkyDrop to the computerusing micro USB cable. For more detailed update manual pleasevisit our Support page.


How do I add double battery kit to my SkyDrop?

Please watch carefully video before adding double battery to your SkyDrop. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE: How to upgrade SkyDrop vario by double battery kit

Is SkyDrop waterproof? 

SkyDrop has some water resistancedue to protective paint on PCB, but it is not waterproof. You can use it duringsoft rain.


Are you planning to have an androidapp to set SkyDrop directly from a smartphone via Bluetooth?

Yes, it is in progress. We areworking on settings and tracklogs download directly into contests pages.


How do I mount SkyDrop?

There is Velcro and riser mountincluded with every vario. You can mount it to the cockpit or riser. 


In what modes can SkyDrop be operated?

You can use SkyDrop as a standalone device like standard analog/digital and acoustic vario with GPS track log stored in micro SD card. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity offers real-time connection with XC apps running on smartphone or tablet. 

I am not able to update SkyDrop even after I followed all instructions at SkyBean support page or in YouTube video manual. My SkyDrop shows: "Error, unable to mount data storage. Format SD card?“  and I pressed "Yes" and all date were deleted. My SkyDrop shows: "error: 01“. What can I do?

Please contact us via email info@skybean.eu if there is a problem during or after updating, we will guide you through.


How can I pay for products?

We offer two payment options – PayPal or GoPay . If you have any problem with payment, please let us now via email.


Does your company ship to every country worldwide?

We ship to all countries. Delivery is free. 


What shipping company do you use fordelivery?

We ship via Slovak Post. Link fortracking can be found here: HERE


How do I get tracking number of mypackage?

If you wish to know the trackingnumber, please, write us an e-mail with your name to info@skybean.eu
We willgladly provide you with it.

How long does it take to arrive in my country? 

(time is in working days)


BHUTAN: 10-18






ASIA: 10-14

JAPAN: 3-5


INDIA: 3-5

TURKY: 3-5


SRI LANKA: 12-16

INDIA: 12-16


AFRICA: 9-13

EGYPT: 6-9


USA: 5-7


Product return

How do I return product for repaire?
Please write us an email about the problem experienced. We will provide you with technical support. Many defects can be solved via email consultation. 

In case that the device must be send for repair via postal service, value of faulty device is 10 Eur. By faulty device we understand mechanical damage (broken casing or display) or electronic damage ( dysfunction of device, software or sound). If you state that the value of a package higher than 10 Eur we will not claim it.